We have been located in Orleans since the start of our journey in Massage Therapy. We provide our care in French and/or English. Find us on Google Maps and come get your next Orleans massage therapy treatment with us!

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How to get directions to our Orleans Massage Therapy clinic on Google Maps

Whether you are coming from Orleans or another part of town, here is how you can get directions to our clinic.

1. In your browser go to https://maps.google.ca
2. Type in MyBody in the search box
3. Click on Directions and Enter the address you are leaving from.  Also note that you can choose whether you want walking directions, public transport directions or driving directions.

Orleans Massage Therapy Clinic


With plenty of clinics to choose from in Orleans, take some time to determine if MyBody is right for you.  We specialize in Deep Tissue Massage therapy.  If you are looking to treat injuries, aches and pains, or simply to feel better, then we may be the clinic for you.


Also to be noted is the fact that the owner of the clinic, Mélanie Cyr, was the winner of the 2014 best Massage therapist in Ottawa FABIO award.  Years of experience, combined with hard work, dedication and passion for helping others heal have pushed Mélanie excel in her domain.

She is thrilled to be working out of Orleans which has always been a community that she has had a connection with.  This is where she started out as a massage therapist and it is where she continues to  grow.  If you live nearby, do not hesitate to drop by if you have any questions or give us a call to find out how we can help.  There are three qualified Registered Massage Therapists available for your treatments who will be thrilled to help you in your journey to a good health.